About John

Hi, I’m John Moody, and I’m the guy who writes the stuff you see on this site.

A bit about me, in bullet form:

  • By profession, I’m a software developer. More specifically, I serve as the chief technology officer for one company and am the CEO of a small startup on the side. (All of the opinions in this space are my own, though.)
  • By training, I’m a pastor and philosopher. Which is to say that I have a degree in theology and philosophy. Although I did teach philosophy at the college level for four years. And I was a bivocational pastor for a while. So I’m somewhere in between “fully credentialed” and “total amateur.”
  • Although I grew up in Florida, I live in the small town of Medical Lake, Washington, with my wife and kids (3 of whom are still living at home). Medical Lake is just outside Spokane – that’s the other side of the state from Seattle, where all the rain is. We live on the dry side.
  • Besides reading, teaching, and talking about the Bible and theology, I enjoy cooking (especially barbecue), woodworking, and serving as a mentor to the local high school robotics team.

Thanks for stopping by. Please drop me a line at john@mentalvelocity.com anytime. Suggestions for books to read and review are always welcome.